Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kindness Heals

Maitri (“my tree”) is a Sanskrit word meaning “unconditional friendliness towards self which radiates out to others”  and it encompasses love, forgiveness and compassion within its whole.

So why I am I writing of this word today… so many of those I know are going through times of great difficulty with either their own health or the health of someone that they hold dear.

For them it is a very testing time and they will run through a whole gamut of emotions before they finally find the peace within themselves. In many cases it is like preparing for and running a marathon; only this marathon has no real map to guide and we have no definitive idea of what the outcome will be. It will often test every bit of our strength, ingenuity and will power just to make it through each day.

The emotions come in various stages (and in no particular order) and each has to be worked through … anger (why is this happening), fear, emptiness, relief, guilt and hopefully to finally find a place of peace and compassion within.

It is never easy whether you are survivor, friend or family, and each will deal with it in their own way; there is no right way or wrong way. Maitri in all its meanings will go a long way towards healing though.

 Many of the healers of today are survivors who have been through this marathon and are now using their love, compassion and skills to help others. The art of healing comes in many shapes and forms; it is not always the Doctor, nurse, therapist or energy healer who works their magic in helping others. In many cases it is just the ordinary folk (in this case not so ordinary), who by the simple giving of their time, energy love and compassion have learnt to help others through their time of need.

To all of you who work in this way, I salute you and honour your commitment to making the world a better place for those who cross your path.

In Love and Light

© Sue @ Astara Healing. This message may be shared freely as long as it is not altered in any way and credit is given to the author.
An exercise in how to practise Maitri.
Firstly, find yourself a comfortable place to relax for about 10 minutes.Once you are settled comfortably take a few deep slow breaths to centre yourself and relax and close your eyes.
Now cast your mind back to a time when you may have been hurt in some way… either your feelings or some actual trauma. Sense how you felt when someone came to your aid with a hug or a kind word when you were lonely or hurt or just gave you a sense of direction and purpose when you felt lost and adrift in the sea of life; anything that made you feel better and was helpful. Feel into that moment… what impressions are you getting; whether it be sights, sounds or smell?  Relax into it and enjoy that feeling of receiving for a few minutes… feel the loving kindness that surrounds you.
Next I would like you to think of a time when you have extended a helping hand to another living thing in distress whether it be an animal, bird or human. How did you feel as reached out with compassion… feel deeply into the thoughts and emotions of the moment for a few minutes remembering what it feels like to give of yourself.
And lastly I would like you to combine the two feelings in a circle of both the giving and the receiving of energies of unconditional loving kindness and unconditional compassion within and for yourself. Breathe the energies in and breathe them out, breathe them in and breathe them out. There is no need to attach yourself  to the thoughts, feelings or sensations within just let them go without judgement or to wonder whether you think you need or even deserve …  breathe in maitri and breathe out maitri and stay in the circle as long as you feel the need to give and receive.
When you feel rested and complete; open your eyes, come gently back and rest.
This is a good exercise to practise daily… in the evening before bed for a restful nights sleep and in the morning to face the day.
Namaste xxx

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