Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Turtles Of The Sea Of Light On The Soul Plane 24 April 2012

We must develop a hard outer shell like the turtle, so that anything people may say will not penetrate our softness underneath.
Words may bring us down, hurt us, making us feel sad, rejected, angry, fearful, which is why the hard outer shell is needed.
Do not be afraid that this will in fact make you a ‘hard’ person, it is merely a protection from another’s words or actions.
Slow yourselves down to a turtles pace and feel the fluidity within you as you do so, you will feel safe, warm and calm.
We leave you in a protective blue flame, that will carry you through.
We love you, the Turtles.
© Magenta – 24 April 2012

Please feel free to share the contents of this message, but not to change.

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