Saturday, April 14, 2012

Clearing and purifying negative thought forms.

At this point in time with planets that are retrograde many are finding energies coming up that are affecting their own balance and peace, so here are a few quick ways to deal with that which affects us when we need to throw the switch as Lady Nada has advised.

First we need to concentrate on filling the space around us with a clear white light of protection as we throw the switch on the situation.

If we are dealing with energies projected on us by others the best way to negate it is to send the pink ray of Love towards the one who is affecting us. Nothing else will work effectively with anothers thoughts.

Next we deal with our own thought forms of fear and anger, which can be triggered by anothers thoughts and actions. For fear and anger within ourselves we need to project a Golden ray of light towards our own thought forms and you will notice that they quickly disappear within it's purifying light.

Another way to clear your own field is to step into the silver violet flame. First you need to identify the thoughts or belief patterns that you are willing to release and then imagine that the ground opens in front of you and the silver violet flames erupts from this space. As you step into the purifying flame you give intent to clear all that no longer serves your highest good and all negative thought forms transmuted into light. The silver violet flame is cool and will never harm you and when it's work is done within a few seconds you will notice that the silver violet flame will change colour to pure white and you can then step out of the flame.

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