Thursday, April 19, 2012

When we look at nature and the beauty that surrounds we begin to realise how small and insignificant we are and yet we are far more than that.

We have the power to change the face of the planet and we have done but not always to the planets advantage. Each of us as individuals need to be aware that what we do and how we think affects everything and everyone around us

"The MIND IS ENERGY and has the power to change matter.   Know that MATTER is simply the physical manifestation of energy."

For each of us this is a journey and how we choose to view it is how we will manifest our own future and the futures of those around us. See things as beautiful and they shall grow even more so….  

Take time to let your mind be still and go within to see the beauty of your own true self. When you shine the light of your soul into your infinite mind then it too shall grow and flourish… just as the lotus sets its seed and sends forth a shoot up from the murky depths to break forth into the sunlight and bloom with all the beauty of its flower.

Reach higher than your dreams to the moon and stars beyond …. We are the creators! Our guides will guide us but they cannot do it for us, only we have the power to make our dreams come true, with trust and love and perseverance. We have been blessed with free will so it is our choice whether we walk in light or shadows… it surely is not a difficult decision to choose light so that we can receive all the help we need. If we choose the other path then our guides will step back until we are ready to walk into the light. They will not forsake us but they surely will not help us destroy ourselves.

Just as the acorn falls to the ground set roots and grows into a mighty oak tree let your thoughts and deeds grow into something that will withstand the test of time

So be kind to yourself…. forgive yourself for what you have not been and love yourself for all the good you have done no matter how small and insignificant you may think it has been… even a smile or kind word may be all that is needed to change another’s life for the better.


© Sue G. Astara

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