Saturday, April 14, 2012

Releasing Ties That Bind

Well here I am once again and looks like I am
going off on another …

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that
many are having ever increasing difficulties just coping with everyday life.
Many have stated that they feel like they are “losing it” and losing control of
their lives either mentally or physically with strange un-nerving emotions,
sudden bouts of pain and nausea or other illnesses that flare up and affect
different aspects of their lives.

What many don’t realise and need to recognise is
that although this can be unsettling in many ways they are letting go of ties
that bind them and stop their spiritual growth. It really is just a not so nice
part of the healing and clearing process. Many of the physical problems are
created by blocks in the emotional flow of the body. This occurs when we shut
down this flow and the emotional body collapses in on and becomes entangled
with the physical one. The pain, trauma and illness they cause are very real
and should not be discounted lightly so don’t forget to see your doctor if you
feel you should.

How do we cope with this and help release the
knots and ties that cause the discomfort and irrational thoughts… The best way
to deal with them is to take time out when things close in, do something you
really enjoy doing and send love to the thoughts and blow them to wind. If you
can have a massage, listen to music, have coffee with a friend, go for a walk
on the beach or somewhere that relaxes you then do so. The benefits of doing
this are immeasurable. Learn to heal yourself in ways that work for you and
know that no problem is so huge that a solution cannot be found if only we believe
in ourselves…

Love and Light

Sue xxx

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