Saturday, April 14, 2012


Let your hand and heart find the freedom it desires,
set yourself free, unload all that is not yours,
you are not the only one who has to look out for everyone else,
silence your mind, rest your head,
let go of all that weighs you down,
you are not alone,
for each trial you face know we are here to hold your hand,
let your tears flow but not hidden away, 
you don't have to sit in silence,
your heart can only hold so much
so release and share,
don’t turn your back on us because you are afraid,
we will walk with you every step of the way,
so silence your mind and rest,
for all that is happening will show you new light
You all carry too much and need to realise you are just human….
You are not alone.....

AA Gabriel ..... thru Amanda Lowe
Just laugh, just laugh, find any way you can to make yourselves laugh,
 it heightens your vibrations
Think of the scene in Mary Poppins where they start laughing at the table and the table floats right up to the ceiling but comes down when they stop
They are sitting on the chairs that float up too
So you need to watch and read things that make you laugh…leaving the negativity behind you
It is a powerful healer which should be used every day and often during the day
We should laugh at ourselves and the mistakes we make, for they are but learning curves
Just as long as you laugh is the main thing
We laugh with you as your vibrations rise, so again you are never alone
If only you will listen….

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind....

Lady Quan Yin ......thru Denise Kneale
Allow the light and Love to wash over you and fill youto the core,
Fill the silence,
Fill the air with laughter evermore,
When times are hard don't look back, at thing that make you sad,
 For fear and sadness, will make you all go mad.
Raise your laughter, widen your smile,
For Love  is here with you,
So fill the silence, 
Fill the gaps, and find the real you ...
AA Gabriel ......  thru Amanda Lowe

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