Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Message from Earth Energies

We appear small and helpless but we are strong. The same applies to you all.
Don’t judge or be deceived by the size of anything, just because it appears small.

Think of the single rain drop of water that sends out ripples on a pond.

Let your inner strength shine through to all living creatures and Mother Earth, who all need a little more strength and in turn remember that you are also receiving this strength from others

We can all lift the Earth and her energies higher and higher, as our own vibrations rise higher also. Think of ourselves as an army of Ants, striving, working and helping each other as we go, oh the things we can accomplish

So our little army of Ants, we leave you now in the safety of your Ant family to carry on, carrying on

With our Love and strength to you,

the Earth Energies

Through Denise Kneale during the group healing session in Astara Healing Sanctuary on 18.4.12
the song went with the message

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