Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freedom of Choice, Will and Power

Freedom of Choice, Will and Power

When you Love someone freely and unconditionally
then you must Love them enough to let them go… like a child who into adult
grows, if you can Love it enough to go when to even though the choices being made
are not the choices you would wish them to make, then you must give them the

Any WILL that you impose on others is not given
from the perspective of Love. Freedom to let others make their own mistakes and
learn from them can only be given when the heart is a loving heart.

Those who impose their Will on others do it for their
own gratification and not for the common good.

Freedom to choose is the greatest gift we give
anyone, even when we feel in our hearts that their choice is flawed… When
Freedom of Choice is given then the Doorway is always left open for a loving
return. If the choice is taken away then apathy and resentment become the
hinges and the doorway freezes shut.

Everyone has the right to make mistakes, learn
from them and everyone should have the Freedom to choose their own paths and
find their own way home.

Teach others to fly, open the doors so that they
may go where they will, but keep the home fires burning that they may return
when the heart grows weary and they are in need of succour. Life is too short
to be spent in petty squabbles – if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or you
don’t agree then walk away and let it be. If they are comfortable with who they
are then let them have that Freedom to be who they are.

During the many months to come many are going to
be faced with making these choices as friendships and loves fall apart and new
and fresh ones come our way. Just let those who you must let go, go with Grace
and a loving thought or kind word. A harsh word, once spoken cannot be be
recalled, so choose your words wisely and well.

Let Love be the reason to grant to others the
Freedom of Will and Power that we would wish for ourselves and all we hold

Love and Light and Blessings to you all.

© Sue @ Astara Healing
May be copied and shared freely as long as the content is not altered in any way.

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