Sunday, April 15, 2012

Helping others cope with the new energies…

For some time now we have been faced with ever increasing waves of new energies. We have seen the planets stationing in parts of the sky that has not occurred for a long time and lately others going retrograde. Mars has now begun a new forward movement and we will now be propelled forward on our paths.

What this means for us is that we need to keep our thoughts in a positive frame of mind. Oh yes this has been said many times before and it will continue to be said until we really “get it”

It is all in the way we choose to see things… each story has many sides and everyone looks at things from a different perspective. It is just like looking at a glass of water that sits on the table before us … is it half full or half empty… how you perceive that is a measure of how you perceive life. A glass that is half full may soon overflow, where as one that is half empty can quickly run dry.

If you are faced with a problem then it is time to stop looking at the negatives of the situation. Instead look at what is positive in it and then what can be done to enhance the positive. If after all that you cannot find what you need then it is time to walk away.

For those that are on a higher path this can be very confusing… we know what we need to do but often we feel isolated from those we hold dear on this plane. They do not understand us at all it seems… finding time for doing what needs to be done to keep on our higher path and walk in light is never easy. Many have partners who have no understanding of how their bad moods affect us and we drive them nuts when our head is away in the clouds and unable to focus totally on the most mundane of tasks, like where did I put the butter when it is not back in the fridge or even what did I intend to do when I walked into this room.

So what do we need to do..

Firstly we need to realise that if we stay calm and balanced and sit in a place of non-judgement of others then by the very strength of our own positive energies we can tip the balance from darkness into light. So our task is to remain calm and balanced at all times and tune into our own inner guidance on how best to change the dynamics of a developing situation.

Listen with your heart and you will know when you need to act swiftly to nip an awkward situation in the bud. Know that you are protected and guided as you walk your path of light. Do NOT buy into the negativity and let your own calm reassurance change the flow of the energy tide as it ebbs and flows around you. … be the port of calm in the storm for those you meet.

If you are feeling swamped by emotions or a situation then sometimes it helps to talk it through with another such as you;

And MOST importantly take time out for you… time to cleanse and recharge your own batteries. Be kind to you and walk in light.


Sue @ Astara Healing ©

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