Friday, May 4, 2012

Inner Peace through Forgiveness

Inner Peace through Forgiveness

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.
~ Lewis B. Smedes

Many of us carry around a lot of anger and resentment or other negative energies towards others and they need to be dealt with or else eventually they will cause a very physical illness within us. Before it gets to that stage however it will greatly impact on the quality of our own happiness and that of those around us.

Forgiveness is the act of releasing the ties that bind you to an act - either imagined or real - which you feel has been committed .... it's the thought that rises to the surface when you think of someone and immediately sends you into a place that is less than Love and peace.

These emotions have a profound effect on the quality of our life and we cannot grow until they are released and forgiven. Forgiveness does not mean that you condone the act; it means that you realise that the act was not yours and was created by things beyond your control. In some cases you may not have been entirely blameless and in others you may have had no input whatsoever. These acts may have happened as long ago as childhood and the person may no longer be in our lives and yet still we hang onto the bitter pill that causes bile to rise in our throat or weighs heavily upon us.

Forgiveness is not about apportioning blame it is ALL about letting go to allow for growth within. When we forgive we claim back our own Power and control of our lives. We are no longer the victim of something long past and can now step into a recognition of how much we have grown.

Now is the time to release the ties and set yourself free. First by forgiving the other and then by forgiving yourself for allowing yourself to be held captive by the negative emotions. It is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves.

Forgiveness is a measure of great inner strength for the weak would far rather hang on than let go.

When we forgive we allow our souls to fly free and soar to the highest heights into creativity, love and peace.

We become at One with ourselves and all that surrounds us.... we are free! Free to be all that we can be.

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