Saturday, March 30, 2013

Auralite .. a crystal of awakening

I would like to tell a story about my experience with one of the “newer” but very ancient crystals called Auralite.
Auralite is comprised of 23 minerals in combination in a stone of very high vibration. Each mineral brings its own quality to the table and yet they also combine to create its own unique signature.

 I recently bought a piece of this wonderful crystal and along with the piece I was gifted a donut of auralite to wear as a pendant. The donut shape suited me to wear on a cord around my neck since silver tarnishes so quickly when I wear it.
So now we come to the reason behind my tale. I wore the donut on the cord and then slipped if off over my head to place on the bedside table at night…. In the morning when I picked up the cord the auralite donut was no longer on the cord so I doubled the cord and slipped it thru the hole and threaded the cord thru the loop and slipped it back over my head. I wore it like this all morning out in the yard fixing fences and other work, then I went to lie down for a while. When I stood up I felt something slip down inside my clothing and caught it. So I am standing there with the auralite donut in my hand and the cord still done up around my neck!!!
But the story gets stranger yet! I sent the donut and cord to a friend as a gift since I thought it may help her. I will use her words to describe her experience with auralite.

Okay, so you sent me the necklace and at first the stone was room temperature, but when it was against my skin, it was freezing cold.
I felt like a burning sensation from the cold

I said to myself, I bet this is leaving marks and sure enough it did.
Well, later in the day, I had left in on the outside of my clothing, it seemed safe enough to put back in my blouse and all was okay. Next day I took a shower, but when I got out of the shower it was gone. I searched and found it in with the laundry with my clothes
No problems, but it seems odd, not easy to take off really.
I thought it was strange, but there is an explanation.

I had my day, and when I returned I took a small nap and went into the kitchen.
I felt sort of an itch around the area where the stone was on my chest.
All of a sudden the thing was in pieces on the floor and the string was still intact around my neck
I have all of the pieces, I love the energy from that but it is no longer a donut.
Like with you, it had slipped off of the string, but the string was still intact.
Unfortunately I was not lying down in the bed.
I was very, very upset, I feel like I lost a friend.”

What happened with this auralite donut? I do not know and can only surmise that the donut shape had altered the crystal in some way, perhaps the hole created a void that enabled it to slip off a fixed cord. It would surely have made a good magicians trick! Meantime I will continue to enjoy my not so ordinary auralite crystal.
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  1. Hi Sue, love this pic of the Auralite 23. Very beautiful piece!!!
    Toronto, Canada

  2. just curious...if this happens, would this mean that you shouldn't be wearing it??