Friday, April 26, 2013

An evening with the Hathors

What an evening/night I have had with this latest Hathor Heart recording of Tom Kenyons…
The story all started 2 nights before when I had a rather graphic dream about a falling out between some people. One walked away afterwards, others sat passively on their heels and watched what transpired, yet another held one person down while the last systemically attacked them with a rock.
It didn’t make sense at the time but in hindsight it is very much how we each act and react to the world around us. Some walk away and turn a blind eye, the majority sit on the sidelines and watch, some perpetrate an offense while others assist as another is persecuted. Those who walk away or turn a blind eye are no less culpable than the one who wields the rock.

But I digress…. Yesterday I received a link to download a sound gift from Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. Tom spoke of the urgency the Hathors attached to getting the recording out freely to humanity to assist us in the transition between dimensions so I downloaded and began playing the sound recording. The sound/feeling strikes deeply at the heart chakra but also at the physical and etheric bodies on many levels. I felt it through all levels and also radiating out into the air and earth around me. So last night just before I went to bed I played it once again and promptly fell asleep to dream and wake and dream and wake again… each dream was a clearing of past life incidents and how I felt deep inside about them. For the most part I have always been quiet and shy and yet the anger I felt during each dream surprised me greatly… I really did get to put into words my feelings that had never been expressed at the time….. and so I passed my night. Each time I woke after a dream I sat and played the Hathor Heart Chakra recording and then fell asleep to clear even more again.

This recording is truly a sound gift of transformation to humanity so if you no longer wish to sit on the sidelines then please visit Tom’s site and work with this gift for yourself and those around you. Will it affect you in the same way as it did me? That I cannot say… what I can say however is that it will make a difference and you have nothing to lose but your time and much to gain….ie a chance to take a giant healing step forward.
To receive your Free copy of this recording you can find a link to this sound meditation in the
Listening section of Tom’s website (

© Sue@ Astara

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  1. Awesome Sue thanks for sharing this, I am vibrating well here xxx Mon xxx