Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's funny how things happen...

It’s funny how things happen…

When I was in Idyllwild during a recent trip to the USA I bought an amazing smokey quartz crystal and also a deck of cards called Wisdom of the Night. At the time I had no idea why or what was about to unfold. On my return home I decided to try Tom Kenyon’s Meurte recording after I had dreamt of pulling pieces of me out of an underground river and did my first shamanic journey with it. On that journey I was accompanied by Aho Mitakuye Oyasin - All my Relations, animal and bird spirit guides.... It is a journey to the Underworld and then to the higher planes.

Yesterday I was planning to do the meditation again. I had decided to move my crystals to the room during the meditation and I transferred the recording to my USB for use on the laptop and even tested that it would play.

Over the past couple of days I had drawn some cards for myself from the Shapeshifter deck and they were good omens for the journey. On the previous day…..Goddess of the Air, a card of renewal and balance of past karma followed by an abundance card.

On the second day I drew the Goddess of the Water, a card of psychic wisdom and knowledge with glimpses into past lives, followed by a card of mastery. Although I did notice that the card underneath was of darkness, it was not one I had drawn.

In the evening I moved most of the selected crystals to my chosen place and set everything up, opened the file on the USB and hit the play all button and the whole file disappeared!!! So off I went to get a copy of the file again to play; as I walked back in I realised that the largest crystal was still sitting in its place facing north near the computer so I tucked it under my arm and took it with me; all day I had been intending to do this and decided at the last moment not to bother moving it.
So I placed it in the room once again facing north and the recording played without a hitch. The meditation went well, the energy was high and this morning the largest crystal had shifted slightly to face nth west.

This latest journey was different; intuition was saying it needed doing again and the crystals were to be an integral part of it. As I said I tried to leave the largest crystal out but it didn’t happen without it being there. I didn't feel that much during the meditation but I knew things were happening on a deep level. I started with the smokey quartz in my right hand and a Navajo bear figurine from the top of Oak Canyon under my left and yet it felt like I was holding air. Afterwards I felt that something had moved on a very deep level although I knew not what.

Now comes the interesting part:
The night before I had been looking at crystal skulls on ebay…. A friend had bought one a few days earlier and asked me to look at it and hers intrigued me. I mean that I really look at this one instead of my usual cursory glance that I spare for crystal skulls. Over the last few years I had seen a few and yet always dismissed the thought of buying.

However this time one had caught my attention and I went back for a second look and decided to buy. At first and even second glance it appeared like a blank slate with some interesting features but I felt a need to purchase this one so I did. Before I was drawn to that particular one I looked at many and nothing really caught my attention. I was thinking sheesh perhaps Lisa's skull is the only one I can get a reaction from! You have no idea how relieved I felt when mine popped up after looking at so many. Despite my love of smokey quartz I knew that this skull had to be a clear quartz and it was.
In some way I knew it was important that I had a new skull; not one of those that had been programmed by other ancient ones and it also needed to be one with flaws, not one of the unblemished ones so prized by many others.

However I couldn’t pay immediately because it appeared that I needed an invoice from the seller so I duly sent of a request for one and waited and waited for a reply with none forthcoming. Odd really as a few minutes earlier I had asked for a postage costing and received an immediate response!

In between times I had also watched that Budweiser horse video on youtube and was surprised by my reaction to it as well... somehow it ties in with the rest of this. The foal reared by a person who sees it grow and leave and then the reaction when a few years later their paths cross again. I had cold shivers at the parting of ways and then tears as they were reunited.

So while I waited I drew another card and it didn’t make sense really. It was the card called Darkness and related to a deep heart wrenching loss that was imminent. Little did I realise what was in store for me later in the evening!

I checked back on ebay to see if it would allow payment for the skull and the purchase was GONE…. It had literally disappeared of my purchase summary list. I refreshed the page and still it was gone. I looked for the item listing and couldn’t find it and I was in no way prepared for the deep sense of loss that I felt at its disappearance! So I sat there not understanding what was happening and suddenly after about 15 minutes there the listing appeared again and I could complete my purchase.  

So the all cards had fulfilled their prophecy, even the Darkness card as understanding dawned… In an early life I had been keeper of an ancient skull; the skull had been hidden away and buried for aeons, its powers lost as the world fell into a period of decadence and darkness. This was something I had long been aware of and yet till now I had never realised how it had affected me to this day. The loss I felt was not for the newly acquired skull but for the original "old friend" from so long ago. It had taken a shamanic journey to the underworld and then into light to finally understand how much of myself I had been denying me stemming from a determination never to be hurt by losing another "friend" again.   

As I finish writing this I once again drew another card from the pack. It is the card of Power; a card of success, change and balance; a card of expanded spiritual ability and personal evolution. Let’s hope I can live up to its prophecy!
© Sue @ AstaraHealing.com

BTW I have had this deck of cards for several years and used it rarely. Cards are a tool that I seldom use on any level and yet these last few days they have brought me to a place of healing.

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  1. Wow Sue nice little journey you just had, love you lots Mon xxx