Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Path to healing….

Nearly all illness is based on emotional trauma somewhere in our past. It doesn't always relate to this life either, so many times we bring a weakness through from a past life into the current. If we can find the root cause of the emotional distress and be willing to let go then so often the physical illness will just disappear provided it has not become a chronic one... they just take longer to fix AND a belief in the process that they can be cured.

Many enter into the healing process (particularly that of energy healing) with an underlying belief that it doesn't work. Humans are often their own worst enemy in that respect, which is why energy healing works so well with animals; they have no expectations just acceptance.

Getting rid of anger is no easy process unless you know the cause of it in the first place and are willing to let go of all attachments to the cause. This includes the person/persons against whom you feel the anger and not just the situation that caused it to arrive. Corny as it may sound you need to be able to send love to the root cause for the healing process to begin. That doesn't mean to say that you have to be friends with them, you just have to find the peace and love within yourself and be willing to let them and the cause go with love in your heart. Sometimes it helps to be thankful for the lessons you have learnt along the way.

While blame is being laid then discord festers and causes blockages in our energy systems that lead to illness and injury. There are many ways that can lead to healing; it's just a matter of finding what works best for us as individuals.

The path to healing and ultimately Enlightenment is an inner journey to clear all that stands in our path of both real and perceived hurts. We are the architects of our own futures; the keys lay within us for those willing to make the journey and with belief in their own inner light to show them the way.

Love and Light
and so it is....

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Friday, April 26, 2013

An evening with the Hathors

What an evening/night I have had with this latest Hathor Heart recording of Tom Kenyons…
The story all started 2 nights before when I had a rather graphic dream about a falling out between some people. One walked away afterwards, others sat passively on their heels and watched what transpired, yet another held one person down while the last systemically attacked them with a rock.
It didn’t make sense at the time but in hindsight it is very much how we each act and react to the world around us. Some walk away and turn a blind eye, the majority sit on the sidelines and watch, some perpetrate an offense while others assist as another is persecuted. Those who walk away or turn a blind eye are no less culpable than the one who wields the rock.

But I digress…. Yesterday I received a link to download a sound gift from Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. Tom spoke of the urgency the Hathors attached to getting the recording out freely to humanity to assist us in the transition between dimensions so I downloaded and began playing the sound recording. The sound/feeling strikes deeply at the heart chakra but also at the physical and etheric bodies on many levels. I felt it through all levels and also radiating out into the air and earth around me. So last night just before I went to bed I played it once again and promptly fell asleep to dream and wake and dream and wake again… each dream was a clearing of past life incidents and how I felt deep inside about them. For the most part I have always been quiet and shy and yet the anger I felt during each dream surprised me greatly… I really did get to put into words my feelings that had never been expressed at the time….. and so I passed my night. Each time I woke after a dream I sat and played the Hathor Heart Chakra recording and then fell asleep to clear even more again.

This recording is truly a sound gift of transformation to humanity so if you no longer wish to sit on the sidelines then please visit Tom’s site and work with this gift for yourself and those around you. Will it affect you in the same way as it did me? That I cannot say… what I can say however is that it will make a difference and you have nothing to lose but your time and much to gain….ie a chance to take a giant healing step forward.
To receive your Free copy of this recording you can find a link to this sound meditation in the
Listening section of Tom’s website (

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Auralite .. a crystal of awakening

I would like to tell a story about my experience with one of the “newer” but very ancient crystals called Auralite.
Auralite is comprised of 23 minerals in combination in a stone of very high vibration. Each mineral brings its own quality to the table and yet they also combine to create its own unique signature.

 I recently bought a piece of this wonderful crystal and along with the piece I was gifted a donut of auralite to wear as a pendant. The donut shape suited me to wear on a cord around my neck since silver tarnishes so quickly when I wear it.
So now we come to the reason behind my tale. I wore the donut on the cord and then slipped if off over my head to place on the bedside table at night…. In the morning when I picked up the cord the auralite donut was no longer on the cord so I doubled the cord and slipped it thru the hole and threaded the cord thru the loop and slipped it back over my head. I wore it like this all morning out in the yard fixing fences and other work, then I went to lie down for a while. When I stood up I felt something slip down inside my clothing and caught it. So I am standing there with the auralite donut in my hand and the cord still done up around my neck!!!
But the story gets stranger yet! I sent the donut and cord to a friend as a gift since I thought it may help her. I will use her words to describe her experience with auralite.

Okay, so you sent me the necklace and at first the stone was room temperature, but when it was against my skin, it was freezing cold.
I felt like a burning sensation from the cold

I said to myself, I bet this is leaving marks and sure enough it did.
Well, later in the day, I had left in on the outside of my clothing, it seemed safe enough to put back in my blouse and all was okay. Next day I took a shower, but when I got out of the shower it was gone. I searched and found it in with the laundry with my clothes
No problems, but it seems odd, not easy to take off really.
I thought it was strange, but there is an explanation.

I had my day, and when I returned I took a small nap and went into the kitchen.
I felt sort of an itch around the area where the stone was on my chest.
All of a sudden the thing was in pieces on the floor and the string was still intact around my neck
I have all of the pieces, I love the energy from that but it is no longer a donut.
Like with you, it had slipped off of the string, but the string was still intact.
Unfortunately I was not lying down in the bed.
I was very, very upset, I feel like I lost a friend.”

What happened with this auralite donut? I do not know and can only surmise that the donut shape had altered the crystal in some way, perhaps the hole created a void that enabled it to slip off a fixed cord. It would surely have made a good magicians trick! Meantime I will continue to enjoy my not so ordinary auralite crystal.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's funny how things happen...

It’s funny how things happen…

When I was in Idyllwild during a recent trip to the USA I bought an amazing smokey quartz crystal and also a deck of cards called Wisdom of the Night. At the time I had no idea why or what was about to unfold. On my return home I decided to try Tom Kenyon’s Meurte recording after I had dreamt of pulling pieces of me out of an underground river and did my first shamanic journey with it. On that journey I was accompanied by Aho Mitakuye Oyasin - All my Relations, animal and bird spirit guides.... It is a journey to the Underworld and then to the higher planes.

Yesterday I was planning to do the meditation again. I had decided to move my crystals to the room during the meditation and I transferred the recording to my USB for use on the laptop and even tested that it would play.

Over the past couple of days I had drawn some cards for myself from the Shapeshifter deck and they were good omens for the journey. On the previous day…..Goddess of the Air, a card of renewal and balance of past karma followed by an abundance card.

On the second day I drew the Goddess of the Water, a card of psychic wisdom and knowledge with glimpses into past lives, followed by a card of mastery. Although I did notice that the card underneath was of darkness, it was not one I had drawn.

In the evening I moved most of the selected crystals to my chosen place and set everything up, opened the file on the USB and hit the play all button and the whole file disappeared!!! So off I went to get a copy of the file again to play; as I walked back in I realised that the largest crystal was still sitting in its place facing north near the computer so I tucked it under my arm and took it with me; all day I had been intending to do this and decided at the last moment not to bother moving it.
So I placed it in the room once again facing north and the recording played without a hitch. The meditation went well, the energy was high and this morning the largest crystal had shifted slightly to face nth west.

This latest journey was different; intuition was saying it needed doing again and the crystals were to be an integral part of it. As I said I tried to leave the largest crystal out but it didn’t happen without it being there. I didn't feel that much during the meditation but I knew things were happening on a deep level. I started with the smokey quartz in my right hand and a Navajo bear figurine from the top of Oak Canyon under my left and yet it felt like I was holding air. Afterwards I felt that something had moved on a very deep level although I knew not what.

Now comes the interesting part:
The night before I had been looking at crystal skulls on ebay…. A friend had bought one a few days earlier and asked me to look at it and hers intrigued me. I mean that I really look at this one instead of my usual cursory glance that I spare for crystal skulls. Over the last few years I had seen a few and yet always dismissed the thought of buying.

However this time one had caught my attention and I went back for a second look and decided to buy. At first and even second glance it appeared like a blank slate with some interesting features but I felt a need to purchase this one so I did. Before I was drawn to that particular one I looked at many and nothing really caught my attention. I was thinking sheesh perhaps Lisa's skull is the only one I can get a reaction from! You have no idea how relieved I felt when mine popped up after looking at so many. Despite my love of smokey quartz I knew that this skull had to be a clear quartz and it was.
In some way I knew it was important that I had a new skull; not one of those that had been programmed by other ancient ones and it also needed to be one with flaws, not one of the unblemished ones so prized by many others.

However I couldn’t pay immediately because it appeared that I needed an invoice from the seller so I duly sent of a request for one and waited and waited for a reply with none forthcoming. Odd really as a few minutes earlier I had asked for a postage costing and received an immediate response!

In between times I had also watched that Budweiser horse video on youtube and was surprised by my reaction to it as well... somehow it ties in with the rest of this. The foal reared by a person who sees it grow and leave and then the reaction when a few years later their paths cross again. I had cold shivers at the parting of ways and then tears as they were reunited.

So while I waited I drew another card and it didn’t make sense really. It was the card called Darkness and related to a deep heart wrenching loss that was imminent. Little did I realise what was in store for me later in the evening!

I checked back on ebay to see if it would allow payment for the skull and the purchase was GONE…. It had literally disappeared of my purchase summary list. I refreshed the page and still it was gone. I looked for the item listing and couldn’t find it and I was in no way prepared for the deep sense of loss that I felt at its disappearance! So I sat there not understanding what was happening and suddenly after about 15 minutes there the listing appeared again and I could complete my purchase.  

So the all cards had fulfilled their prophecy, even the Darkness card as understanding dawned… In an early life I had been keeper of an ancient skull; the skull had been hidden away and buried for aeons, its powers lost as the world fell into a period of decadence and darkness. This was something I had long been aware of and yet till now I had never realised how it had affected me to this day. The loss I felt was not for the newly acquired skull but for the original "old friend" from so long ago. It had taken a shamanic journey to the underworld and then into light to finally understand how much of myself I had been denying me stemming from a determination never to be hurt by losing another "friend" again.   

As I finish writing this I once again drew another card from the pack. It is the card of Power; a card of success, change and balance; a card of expanded spiritual ability and personal evolution. Let’s hope I can live up to its prophecy!
© Sue @

BTW I have had this deck of cards for several years and used it rarely. Cards are a tool that I seldom use on any level and yet these last few days they have brought me to a place of healing.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Greetings My Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel with a message from the Divine Light.
Today, I would like, along with the assistance of the Divine Light, to bring through a message about the re-unification of the Soul fragments, for this is a most important aspect for each person to consider at this point in their path on the ascension process.
As you have had many incarnations on your Earth plane and on other planes, you have created a Soul fragment in each place to which you have journeyed. Of course, you know that all time is happening all at once, but from your perspective in the third dimension, many times you have to view this as a linear process rather than a circular process that is happening all at once. So from this perspective, if you consider this in whatever pattern, whether a linear pattern or a circular pattern, you have had many experiences both here on the Earth plane and here with us on the other realms. Each time this has occurred, you have incarnated for a specific learning or a specific lesson. Some lifetimes have been pleasant, some have been less than pleasant. However, each lifetime contained a great lesson for you, and many times you did not realize the lesson until you journeyed back to the other side for a life review and a decision about how to move forward in your next incarnation.
With the many energy shifts that are occurring in these times, many of these past remembrances are coming forth to you. They may occur during your pilgrimages to sacred sites, they may come to your awareness through something you are reading in a book, or they may come to you in a dream state. However they come to you, it is important to spend some time in meditation with these past life remembrances, for indeed, they are Soul fragments that are part of your greater Soul, your greater Oversoul, and they need to be brought back into alignment in order for you to progress to the higher levels.
Each of these Soul fragments, after you examine it, transmute any unpleasant situations about it, and gain from the greater experience, will then line up into your Column of Light so that this will allow you to move to higher and higher levels. The way to approach this is to first surround yourself with Love, for whatever experience is being brought back into your mind, know that in that particular lifetime or Soul fragment, you were there for a specific purpose of learning. Therefore, it is to be approached from the heart center from a look of Love and greater understanding and compassion for what your Soul experienced at that particular point.
You may wish to call forth and ask for scenes to be shown to you, or it may be a general knowing that is coming forth to you. Whichever it is, it does not have to be a complete lifetime that you are shown. It may just be a snippet or a fragment or a particular scene of that lifetime. Most likely what you are shown will be the crux of what you need to know to bring that aspect back into alignment with your Column of Light.
As you look at the situation and see what took place, you will most likely have a great sense of compassion for yourself and all others who were involved in that situation. For before you incarnated into that situation, all of the other supporting players in your scenario also agreed to come forth to play their parts. You each were there to help each other learn. It was not a situation where you were being punished, or where you were being put in an exalted position just for the purpose of an experience. You were there in that particular scenario for greater Soul growth, not only for yourself but for everyone involved.
When you look at things from this perspective, you are able to surround it with the Violet transmuting Flame of Light to bring balance and harmony and to give thanks for the part each one played in this particular scenario. You may ask for anything that needs to be brought into balance to be transmuted and transformed by the Violet Flame. This may be followed with filling the situation, and each person involved, with the beautiful Light that comes from above, for indeed, these contain the Adamantine Particles of Light, which can transform not only the situation but each person involved. When this happens and you realize within your own Being what life lesson was learned or what the purpose of the scenario was, then you are able to bring that fragment of understanding back into your own ascension Column of Light that contains your greater Soul, your Higher Self, or your Oversoul.
As more and more of these fragments line up into your Column of Light, you are able to progress to higher and higher levels. Many of you are finding that these Soul fragments are coming very rapidly into your awareness. This is a great gift, for as each fragment comes into your awareness, you are able to review it by the process we have given you, and you are able to allow this to move into your Column of Light. As you gain understanding about these situations, these are lessons you are incorporating into your greater Soul so that you do not have to repeat these experiences again, for you have gained the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that came from the experience that you have just transmuted and brought back forth into your Column of Light.
Your Column of Light will grow brighter and brighter as you review each experience and each Soul fragment and bring it back into harmony with the greater Oversoul that exists. As more and more of these fragments are brought into harmony, you will feel a gradual rising of your entire Being into higher and higher levels. You are moving up through the dimensions and through the levels within each dimension. It is a gradual rising that occurs because you are looking at each situation with Love. You are showing Love and compassion for each aspect of yourself and for all others involved. This gradually lightens your load, so to speak, and brings back into harmony all aspects of yourself. Just as a balloon rises when it is released, so you begin to rise to the higher and higher levels. This is the intended plan, for re-unification and harmony with all other Light Beings and ultimately with the Creator Source is the plan that has been there all along.
You are leaders in the forefront of this process, for you are brave in looking at the Soul fragments and bringing them back into harmony. As you do this, you help to light the way for others, just as those who have gone before you are lighting the way for you. Throughout this process, this provides an unbroken bridge of Light that stretches from your current third dimension all the way into the highest dimensions imaginable and even to those beyond your wildest imaginings. This is as it has always been in the intended plan, and we are very happy that you are participating in this process, for we in the Divine Light need all of you as Lightworkers to participate. The more of you who participate, the easier it is for all.
We wish to encourage you to continue to welcome forth your Soul fragments for examination with Love and compassion and for transmuting them, incorporating the lessons, and bringing them into your Column of Light.
We surround you greatly with the golden white Light of the Divine Creator. Know that you are greatly loved, and we are ever present with you.
We surround you with the golden Love and Light that is around everything.
I AM Archangel Zadkiel with the Divine Light
...and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson,
You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson/

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Current Ascension Developments by Archangel Sandalphon

Current Ascension Developments by Archangel Sandalphon

Welcome to the Sacred School Of Om Na

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 18/06/12

A pearlescent light swirls with love from my heart as I greet and stand before you; I am Archangel Sandalphon, a light keeper of the Earth. I come forward to share some information on the shifts that are occurring during this present time of ascension. So many different things are occurring and manifesting that it can be difficult for you to realise them all and for us to draw your attention to the transitions. As a keeper of the Earth vibration I am aware of all the energetic shifts that occur in regards to the physical and energy bodies of the Earth and the souls existing upon the Earth.

The most predominant shift at this time is the great volume of angelic light that is being anchored and is melting into all levels of the Earth. The angelic kingdom has been asked to anchor their vibrations into the Earth due to the angelic vibration being the closest vibration to the vibration that needs to be obtained on the Earth. Selfless love is the vibration of the angels and archangels, when we focus only upon the energy expressed from the angelic kingdom rather than the beings themselves we see that they express an active, detached compassionate loving vibration, this is the vibration that the Creator wishes to manifest on the Earth. By pouring the vibration of the angelic kingdom into the Earth it is our hope that humanity and the energy levels of the Earth will respond and emanate a similar vibration in return, thus drastically increasing the vibration of the Earth and every soul in existence. The energy of the angelic kingdom is acting as activation energy but also as a mirror of what can be achieved so that souls on the Earth and even Mother Earth may look into the angelic vibrations and see themselves in the same light. The angelic vibration holds a tremendous volume of love which is needed to bring great healing to all levels of energy within the Earth and each being, while the selfless aspect or detached aspect allows for separation and the personality to dissolve to create unity. Souls on the Earth will not learn to embody the angelic kingdom but will allow a similar vibration of truth within their beings to blossom and emerge. Many will begin to recognise that the angelic kingdom holds one proportion of the love vibration of the Earth and that each soul holds a portion of Creator love to make a whole. The angelic kingdom has always held a portion of the Creator's love as a reminder for all. I and the angelic kingdom wish to inspireeach soul to activate the selfless love vibration from within their being to merge with the angelic energy and the Earth creating a greater whole of the Creator on the Earth.

Allow yourself each day to call upon the angelic light of selfless love to flow into your entire being and reality. Let yourself breathe the angelic light not only into your being and physical body but also into the Earth. Your entire being and reality will naturally respond to the vibration of light bringing forward your own selfless love vibration to flow abundantly from your being. This process is also a great healing operation for the Earth and souls in existence. The angelic kingdom and the Creator are asking you to continue to heal yourself with the vibration of love but through your inner healing you also heal your outer reality by allowing your selfless love vibration to ignite and radiate with power.

You may wish to say in your mind as you focus upon breathing in and out through your heart chakra,

'I ignite myself as selfless love.'

Another shift and transition that I wish to share with you, is the presence of a new chakra within your being. Some of you have already accepted and have been using this new chakra, while for others it in now anchoring or has been over the last few months. This chakra was created by the Creator and Archangel Metatron, it holds many colours of light in its centre but emanates a silver and white light which is the first light that you see upon observing the chakra. The chakra is also somewhat larger than other chakras and holds all that the soul needs to achieve ascension and return completely to the light with a constant connection. The chakra has been placed by Archangel Metatron just below the stellar/cosmic gateway chakra and just above the soul star chakra. The stellar/cosmic gateway allows you to be connected to the entire flow and vibration of the universe while the soul star chakra houses the vibrations, wisdom and evolving ascension of the soul, your essence and truth. The presence of this new chakra has evolved because it is now time for the soul to hold the power and to divinely guide and influence the reality they are experiencing, rather than allowing the mind or emotions to hold the power. This new chakra constantly gathers everything that is needed to support your soul's evolution, it is a chakra that will also dissolve or disperse when your soul comes into its complete power. This chakra is merely to support the growth and advancement of the soul into the physical body and reality, akin to nourishing the soul and supporting its development. The presence of the new chakra doesn't intervene with the light of the Creator flowing through your stellar/cosmic gateway but only enhances the vibration and empowers the soul every time light is anchored.

Above your head with your hands you may find this new chakra, at the top of your head you have your crown chakra, then a little above your head you have your soul star chakra, moving up a little you will find the new chakra, then above that the stellar/cosmic gateway. By using the sensors in the palm chakras of your hand you should be able to feel the energy of the chakras as energy balls or a sensation of heat or vibration. You should be able to imagine but also feel as if you are holding each chakra in your hands and this will allow for you to connect with the new chakra issued by Archangel Metatron and the Creator, therefore acknowledging its presence. Simply know that this new chakra is working to empower your soul's evolution on the Earth and your ascension path.

It is important to assist in the acceptance of this chakra otherwise the soul can feel a separation from the Creator because of the new energy vibration within your energetic field. By imagining or visualising the new chakra and drawing its light all the way through your being and chakras, allowing the light to flow into the Earth and into your Earth Star chakra below your feel you will allow for greater integration and harmony within your being. The new chakra can then achieve what it has been divinely created to achieve, the empowerment of your soul in your current physical reality. When connecting with this new chakra you may wish to call upon Archangel Metatron to guide you and to be of assistance. As for a name for this new chakra, many people who are discovering the new chakra are giving diverse and different titles but a name is simply a label and not of great importance. It may be appropriate to acknowledge this chakra as an ascension chakra or a soul empowerment chakra.

It is also essential to allow light to flow through this new chakra into your soul star chakra, running through all your chakras as the new chakra will flush or filter energies the soul needs into the soul star chakra and empower the soul's energy within your entire being.

Another shift that is occurring on the Earth is being led by Lord Merlin and many beings of light connected to the elemental and nature kingdom. Lord Merlin is readjusting the energetic codes and patterns in some areas on the Earth so that the energetic patterns of the Earth can be as one and be magnified as one in December 2012 thus enhancing the energetic networks and strength of the Earth as a physical and energetic being. If you wish to be a part of Lord Merlin's purpose, you may call upon his energies in meditation and ask for him to surround you in his light. As you breathe in Lord Merlin's light address Lord Merlin out loud explaining how you wish to be of service and involved in his work of readjusting the energetic codes and patterns of the Earth so that they work as one. If Lord Merlin believes that it is your divine purpose to be of service in this way he will share with you an area that is local to you on the Earth and will ask you to be present in that area. He will then share with you the codes and patterns of energy that need to be anchored in that area of the Earth in order to bring forth greater balance and allow for energy to flow through the Earth with greater ease. Lord Merlin will then guide you to express from your heart and through your hands the energy that needs to be planted into the Earth in order to assist Lord Merlin's purpose.

The information I have shared with you are different shifts and missions that are being achieved and anchored into the Earth at this time to be of assistance to the ascension process of all. Please know that you may call upon my assistance whenever you are achieving any kind of Earth work and I will be happy to be of service.

In service to you, the Earth and the Creator,

Archangel Sandalphon   

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Melchizedek, May 1, 2012

The Rainbow Scribe: Melchizedek, May 1, 2012

Beloved Ones,
Your individual Light shines far amongst the backdrop of the constant change and metamorphosis taking place within you and in every atom of the World upon which you are living. The most precious gift given to you in these times is LIFE. And it is now your task to become fully conscious in your everyday experience of life. This requires your complete focus and attention. This requires that you give laser focus on every minute and small detail in the wonder of life around you. You are one with all that surrounds you – the Earth, the trees, the flowers, the sky, the birds, the animals, with all insects and with all sentient life.
The World you have been living on for countless lifetimes is about to undergo a shift that will bring Her and all upon, within and above Her into a greater alignment with the Galactic centre. This will precipitate a greater unfolding and unraveling, if you will, of the Divine Plan of your life and of the greater mission that you chose to undertake on behalf of the greater good for all. You have been feeling the friction of being between two dimensions while moving into yet a higher one. This is a monumental accomplishment for those who have been applying themselves to this task.
Everything that you do individually is done on behalf on the entirety of Humanity and we are awed by your great determination to surpass all former expectations of what can be accomplished. You are Ones who go beyond all agreements and continue to exceed all that was required of you. We bow to you, our Beloved Human Angels, for all that you continue to do. By your actions and your courage, you are helping to move an entire Planet with all Her inhabitants into a glorious new beginning that is filled with the greatest hope for expanding and unlimited potentialities. The days that you are now living are both the end times and the new beginnings. All about you these two forces are gathering speed and creating the brave New World.
It has been confusing for you to internalize and express outwardly the age old patterns that you volunteered to transmute for Humanity by applying Love in every disempowering and painful situation that you have been experiencing and feeling. And slowly, you have been turning the tide of the opposing forces within yourselves into greater Light, Love and compassion – compassion for yourselves as well as for others around you. At this time, very few of you see the whole picture, for you have not regained your connection with your Divine Self; this will now be changing.
Let your Love of God be present in all that you do, think, feel and desire. It is this for which you have been longing. The fulfillment of this longing cannot be found outside of you, it is within you and by the experiences you have undertaken, no matter how unpleasant or painful they may be or have been, it has brought you to this place where you now stand, poised, on the brink of the manifestation of wonders and happenings never before seen or experienced in this Universe. All that you are participating in has been foretold and it has been surpassed beyond all boundaries and limitations. You are in the process of remembering the greatness of your Being and as you do this, you heal and bless those around you.
The way forward is in the concentration on the details, putting one foot in front of the other, doing small deeds as necessary and joining together with others in unison when the opportunities to do so present themselves. Where more than one are gathered, therein is created a greater and more potent power to effect the most incredible and comprehensive changes ever thought could happen. You are the Light of the World and by your Light, the Light within others is igniting in an unstoppable journey that has the entire Universe watching with bated breath. You are blessed beyond measure and Loved unto eternity.
I AM Melchizedek
©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.
Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.